Buy a mixed-medium painting from this original Adventures of Rembrandt collection. Matthew Moss signs and dates your work of art. The original signature and the caption Matthew writes by hand add immensely to the value of your painting.

Cat#31: Rembrandt, cattle painter
Cat#38: Judith with the Head of Vincent van Gogh
Cat#56: Rembrandt Gets a Break
“There are surprisingly few cattle paintings attributed to Rembrandt. “
Rembrandt rushed by a jealous bull; one of the many difficulties artists experience painting outdoors.
“It’s only van Gogh’s ear that I asked you to cut off .”
In the manner of Salome, Rembrandt’s assistant delivers Vincent van Gogh’s head on a platter instead of his ear.
“Rembrandt needs help handling his workload now everyone thinks he’s dead.”
The premature announcement of his death compels Rembrandt to work overtime due to the resulting increased demand for his paintings,