Buy a mixed-medium painting from this original Adventures of Rembrandt collection. Matthew Moss signs and dates your work of art. The original signature and the caption Matthew writes by hand add immensely to the value of your painting.

Cat#21: Rembrandt attends a fine-arts auction
Cat#22: The signature of Rembrandt
Cat#43: Rembrandt and the mafia
“Naturally, I bid on my own paintings; it makes them worth more.”
Rembrandt tries to corner the Amsterdam art market in his own paintings by buying them up as they come back on the market.
“These, of course, are all genuine Rembrandts, after I’ve signed them. “
Rembrandt’s assistants are busy turning out oil paintings all of which become genuine Rembrandts when he signs them.
“Of course it was a genuine Rembrandt; didn’t the Mafia take it? “
A guard explains to the young onlooker that the mafia steals only genuine Old Masters.