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Cat#11: There goes the neighbourhood
Cat#24: The liberation of Rembrandt
Cat#42: Rembrandt takes an apartment under Michelangelo
“This quarter isn't what it used to be! “
Onlookers are perturbed by the arrival of Rembrandt and family, and the possibility that his presence will lower the tone of the neighbourhood
“Sure, we’ve been liberated, however, now they’re liberating our works of art.”
Rembrandt, with van Gogh, looks on helplessly as the army of liberation emancipates his masterpieces at the point of a gun.
“Well I did tell him, ‘don’t rent a studio under Michelangelo’s’.”
 Rembrandt has the misfortune to rent an apartment below the studio where Michelangelo, desperately attempting to save his massive marble masterpiece, David, is working.