Buy a mixed-medium painting from this original Adventures of Rembrandt collection. Matthew Moss signs and dates your work of art. The original signature and the caption Matthew writes by hand add immensely to the value of your painting.

Cat#23: The ‘Veronese’ Rembrandt
Cat#25: Rembrandt in the Lions Den
Cat#38: Judith with the Head of Vincent van Gogh
“Well, it's back to the paintings restoration lab for Rembrandt .”
Workers lose control of Rembrandt’s large canvas while carrying it into an exhibition.
“Let Rembrandt complete his masterpiece, then we eat him. “
The artist painting in an idyllic landscape unaware he is under surveillance by two hungry lions.
“It’s only van Gogh’s ear that I asked you to cut off .”
In the manner of Salome, Rembrandt’s assistant delivers Vincent van Gogh’s head on a platter instead of his ear.