Cat#54: The Guinness Rembrandt
Cat#54: The Guinness Rembrandt
“'It might have been less complicated had we bankrolled the show with a loan.”
Rembrandt and friends surrounded by some of the promoter’s menagerie during the vernissage of his exhibition of prints and drawings. 

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Yes, I am an art lover who wants to own this original mixed-medium version of the painting by Matthew Moss shown here. I understand postage, and packing is free.

Painting #:  54

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 80 x 60 cm. = 31½ x 23½ in. €489

Matthew creates his work of art on heavy-weight original artists, art museum quality water-colour paper. He signs and dates it, in pencil, and hand- writes the caption on the bottom of the painting using natural sepia ink.

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