Buy a mixed-medium painting from this original Adventures of Rembrandt collection. Matthew Moss signs and dates your work of art. The original signature and the caption Matthew writes by hand add immensely to the value of your painting.

Cat#17: Rembrandt tied in knots
Cat#36: The Rembrandt Collection
Cat#50: The realist trapeze artist
“Leaving Rembrandt alone with his models never worries me.”
His wife has Rembrandt securely tied up, like Ulysses, to prevent him succumbing to the siren call of his young model.
“Its just absurd how you cannot let go of any of your paintings. “
Rembrandt’s wife is preoccupied at his unwillingness to part with his canvases as they pile up, painting after painting.
“Doesn’t it never occur to you how obsessive your search for realism is? “
The Dutch Old Master goes to extraordinary lengths to capture the graceful beauty of the trapeze artist’s movement.