Cat#51: Rembrandt creating a seascape seated in his yacht
“Down below, that’s Rembrandt painting; over there is his art agent’s yacht. “
Rembrandt is busily creating a seascape while his art dealer enjoys the company of women, friends and champagne on his yacht.

Rembrandt’s life is a microcosm of the lives of all artists. One of the most modern of the Old Masters, his life and adventures in seventeenth-century Amsterdam mirror to a surprising degree the vicissitudes, money problems, domestic and economic conflicts with his in-laws and the social establishment that, to a similar degree, torment artists even in the twenty-first century.

Not unlike the English 18th. century artist William Hogarth who painted and engraved The Rakes Progress, Matthew tries to illustrate the Old Master’s ill-starred artistic Odyssey in these scenes from The Adventures of Rembrandt.

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