Cat#26: Signing privileges
“He is talented, undoubtedly; however, he doesn’t have signing privileges .”
Rembrandt advises other artists in the studio that only he has the right to sign the primate’s finished paintings.

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This original framed painting hanging on your corporate walls is a positive statement to the world of your Fine Arts cultural identity.

If you personally, or your corporation would like to adopt the original Matthew Moss painting you see here here, complete the Adventure of Rembrandt Form.

Matthew creates his work of art on heavy-weight original artists, art museum quality water-colour paper. He signs and dates it, in pencil, and hand- writes the caption on the bottom of the painting using natural sepia ink.

This is an exceptional service for private and corporate collectors in the Principality of Monaco, Provence-Côte d’Azur, the Italian Riviera and Northern Italy.

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